So glad you’ve chosen to stop by!  You are invited to look around and encouraged to come back again to keep up with the latest updates and resources.

So… What are you looking for?

Would you like to make changes in your personal or professional life? Are you in the midst of a life or work transition? Looking for renewed focus, more energy, motivation and satisfaction — greater success?

Well, you’ve come to the right place! Let’s get started with a few definitions:

What does RESOURCEFUL mean?

  • Able to deal skillfully and promptly with new situations, difficulties
  • Able to act effectively, creatively and imaginatively, especially in difficult situations
  • Able to use the means at one’s disposal to meet situations effectively: ingenious, inventive

What is RESOURCEFUL Coaching?

Working with an effective coach can facilitate the development of YOUR resourcefulness, and encourage you as you take steps toward both reaching your goals and enjoying continued success. Especially in today’s economy, it is vital that in addition to valuing what you already know and actively implement day-to-day (knowledge), it is essential to learn to dig deep and tap into your inner strength, creativity, intuition, ingenuity and curiosity. A spirit of inquiry — a strong desire to know and learn, is a powerful key to building your resourcefulness. 

By expanding and deepening your resourcefulness, you will gain the confidence that you are capable of continuing your progress of lifelong growth and development beyond the coaching relationship.

It is my vision to build communities of resourceful individuals and create a safe place to explore, gain clarity on your personal and professional goals, and to move forward with commitment and energy. When we begin to explore and ask powerful questions, we develop a better sense of direction and gain a deeper understanding of the possibilities in our lives, our businesses, our relationships and in the world.

I look forward to your questions, comments, suggestions and feedback. Please visit frequently and let me know what you are doing (or are looking for) to become more resourceful.

Welcome to our community of RESOURCEFUL people!

I invite you to explore this site further, or contact me personally, to discover how coaching can make an impact in your life and business.  Together we can discuss how you would like to move towards living a more rewarding personal and professional life.


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