Coaching ~ Consulting Financial Advisors

Partnering with you to:

  • explore, identify and gain clarity on your personal and business goals
  • remove obstacles to your personal, professional and business growth
  • improve your focus and follow through, and hold you accountable
  • support you as you move forward with energy and commitment
  • encourage and celebrate your achievements as you move towards your more successful, fulfilled life

Are you ready to take a look at your financial advisory firm?  Your life?

Especially in today’s market, your clients are looking to you to provide exceptional, and likely, high-touch service.  You have the additional responsibility to ensure that your business is running smoothly, effectively, and remaining profitable.  And, what about you, your life–your family?  How do you achieve all of these?  What steps are you taking to not only deal with the challenges of this volatile market, find some time for yourself, and also position your firm or solo practice for future growth?

Often, the needs of the present — primarily, the needs of your clients — can pull you away from taking time to think about your personal goals and strategically planning for your firm’s growth.  Most successful firms are client-centered and client-focused, however that does not mean they ignore their own need for planning and goal setting.  It is vital that you know “who” you want to be as a firm or solo practice.  It is not possible to be all things to all people, having a clear vision of who you are or want to be in the marketplace will give you the freedom to focus on what you do best.

Articulating your short and long-term goals and committing to a workable plan to achieving those goals will put you in the driver’s seat of your success.  The process of developing those goals and subsequently the strategic plan for your firm can prove to be a liberating and energizing experience.  By clearly understanding and committing to your goals, you will more easily identify those activities that could distract you from doing your best work.  In focusing a critical eye on the “what” and “how” of your activities, you’ll more clearly see the gaps in your business and take the steps necessary to not only overcome the obstacles to growth,  but then to reach for that next level of success.  Clearly knowing what is and is not working, you’ll be better equipped to look to those best suited to support you on your path to success:  an associate, current or new team member, practice management specialist, strategic alliance, or possibly a new outsource partner.

Each aspect of your firm — your ideal client, processes and procedures, service model, marketing and technology, must pass the test of your ultimate goals.  By using these goals and a strategic plan as your guide, you will find your efforts (and those of your team, if you have a staff) to be more effective, targeted, and will reap the results worthy of your time and energy.

By choosing to bring your personal and professional goals into alignment, you will find greater sense of personal fulfillment and satisfaction.  You will do better and more meaningful work with your clients and experience a better quality of life with those you care about most. Your clients and your business will benefit from your ability to bring a more balanced approach to the work you do together.



A few areas to work on with a coach…

  • vision
  • focus
  • goal setting
  • purpose
  • defining personal success
  • profitability and growth
  • leadership
  • change
  • quality of life
  • communication
  • delegation
  • follow through
  • organization
  • procrastination
  • business strategy
  • marketing
  • staffing/personnel issues
  • business & professional success
  • improved financial condition
  • momentum
  • work/life/relationship alignment
  • Transitions – merging practices, retirement, succession

Coach-Approach Consulting

Assessment ~ Strategic Planning ~ Project Management ~ Development, facilitation and implementation of processes and procedures, technology, marketing, coordination of outsourcing partners, recruitment and staff development.

Coaching Methods

Telephone Coaching with email supplemental support
Group Coaching
Email Coaching
On-site Business & Team coaching

For more information

I offer a complimentary coaching discovery session to interested potential new clients. There is no charge or obligation attached to this call  ~ it is simply an opportunity to explore, to see if there is a good fit, and to answer your questions.  If you’d like to schedule a confidential discovery call, you may contact me at the link below.  Be sure to list three preferred call dates and times.  I will respond via email to confirm our call.

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Laurie Gripshover Taylor ~ Coach

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