Meet Laurie

Laurie Gripshover Taylor, PCC, CUCG ~ Coach & Consultant, is a passionate life-long learner.  Her hands-on education through work and life experiences, an eager listener, and need-to-know attitude has served her clients well as she brings a well-rounded, compassionate, and unbiased approach to new engagements and projects. Through cross-country moves and a variety of career opportunities, Laurie gathered the useful and varied tools of a life-transition specialist and business generalist. Known to champion her clients’ efforts, Laurie is energized by the work she does with her clients to facilitate their professional success and personal fulfillment.

Many of Laurie’s clients have reached a significant level of success in their careers and are now looking to regain perspective, align their personal and professional values, and take better care of themselves and their relationships.

Working with clients to initiate and maintain positive changes in their lives is an exciting part of Laurie’s coaching practice.  Some people come feeling unmotivated, lacking focus, and through the coaching process find they are better prepared to clear the fog and embrace their lives with new energy and direction.

In 2008, Laurie made the decision to focus her attention on coaching, serving the growing needs of individuals, professionals, executives, entrepreneurs and business owners, to identify, make and manage purposeful changes. Using her unique blend of strategic planning and facilitating skills, and her keen interest in people, systems and technology, Laurie is able to assist her business clients to clearly identify gaps in their organizations and support the necessary steps to initiate change and improve their effectiveness and profitability. For individuals, this insight supports renewed perspective, purpose, motivation and fulfillment.

Coaching is a true passion, Laurie believes in the coaching process and enjoys taking the “coach approach” to address many situations in the workplace and in life.  As a CoachU Certified Graduate (CUCG); PCC – International Coach Federation Credentialed Coach (ICF); chapter member, former Board Member and VP of Marketing – ICF Philadelphia (2012-2013); member of ICF Los Angeles Chapter, Laurie is committed to the values and ethics of International Coach Federation and continues to hone her skills with ongoing advanced coach training.

On a personal note, Laurie is keenly aware of the stages of transition related to coping with life after the death of a loved one. She is adept at encouraging and empowering men and women as they move forward after suffering a major personal loss or change. Married, a mother of two wonderful daughters, blessed with two more – a daughter and son by marriage, five amazing grandchildren — and having moved over 25 times in her lifetime — Laurie has an abundance of real-life experience, great insight and compassion when supporting clients as they face a myriad of life and career changes, and is adept at supporting clients as they create their ideal life!

(Click here to read comments from clients regarding coaching with Laurie.)






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