Comments from Coaching Clients

Here are a few comments Laurie Gripshover Taylor has received from coaching clients…

Having achieved a fair amount of success during my 25 years in the financial services industry, I was looking for an exceptional coach. I wanted someone who had the experience, knowledge of the industry, and consultative approach that would help our firm reach the next level. I have probably worked with 7 to 10 coaches over the years, and in my view Laurie has done more to help move our firm forward than all the others. There are 3 things you will experience in working with Laurie: (1) She really cares. (2) She is committed to getting it right. (3) She will help you learn how to get the results that you want.

Jim Waters
Founder and President
PartnersInWealth, Inc.

“There are many aspects of Laurie’s coaching that stand out to me but I think the biggest has been her ability to make every session valuable.  She met me where I was, without judgment, asked powerful questions, listened to what I said and didn’t say, and helped me to face whatever I was going through, positive or negative.  She always created a place of learning and growth, stretching me to look at things from different perspectives.  At the end of each session, I felt her support and encouragement as I committed to practical steps that would help me to move forward towards my desired goals. I would highly recommend Laurie as a coach.”  ~Lisa W.  Business Owner

“Laurie was truly the right match for me. She would challenge me to look at things and not allow me to get away with not doing the work. We developed a great working alliance.

I was able to discover more about me as a leader and also tools that will help me to have more life-work-balance. I also learned that I am moving towards my goals but I need to accomplish a couple of other things first.”  ~L.D., Family & Children’s Services Director

“My life and my business have improved dramatically in the four months I have been receiving coaching. I am serving more clients, getting better sleep and moving forward with confidence that I thought was beyond me due to my difficulties with ADHD. I am very grateful to have had this opportunity and to have started on this path.

I was able to change some things that were critical to my well-being with the help of Laurie. I appreciated her perspective and her approach in asking me if there were challenges I would be willing to undertake in order to get the desired results in my life, according to a plan I had worked out myself. She also had me walk through a worst-case scenario for certain actions that then made it easier to avoid or enact those actions– simple things, like staying off the computer after 11pm, and sticking to a time for scheduling my week.” ~A.H.D., Healing Arts Professional