Are YOU unforgettable?


Be Unforgettable Poster – Rochelle Moulton

I found Rochelle Moulton on Twitter today (@ConsultingChick) and just visited her website. With her contagious enthusiasm, Rochelle challenges us to “Be Unforgettable” and offers insight and resources on how each of us can do just that. Her video intro reminds us, “Fame is not the goal. The goal is doing work that matters.” and “What lights you up? Do more of that!”

Want some daily inspiration? You can download the “Be Unforgettable” manifesto poster or wallpaper on her site:

Let the world see your remarkable best self!


A new chapter…?

Who will you be in the next chapter of your life? What will you be doing?

The past few weeks have been full of “What’s next?” conversations. There has been an abundance of talk about the economy and politics, and the impact on people’s lives. What I’ve noticed is how people are taking a good, hard look at their lives and asking the question, “What’s next…for me?”.

Perhaps the start of a new year further stimulated this type of thinking, though it is my belief that it goes much deeper than that. It isn’t only economics and politics causing this type of reflection. What I’ve observed is that people are expressing a desire to live and work with a deeper level of integrity and purpose. For some this means looking at beginning an entirely new chapter in their lives by pursuing a new career, retirement or semi-retirement, moving to a home that meets current and future needs (right-sized, less=more), new commitments to their community or exploring spiritual yearnings. For others, it is a time to clarify and commit new energy to completing a chapter in their life, a time to reflect and tie up loose ends–before moving forward.

These conversations aren’t confined to the over-50 population. Since the beginning of the year, I have been a part of or overheard “what’s next” topics being discussed by people from ages 3 to 93. Yes, it’s true–80 to 90+ year-olds DO make plans for the future. And so do their children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.

So, if you are asking yourself “what’s next?”, I invite you to join the conversation and consider the following questions:

  • What chapter of life are you in now?
  • As you are writing your story, what is your outline, your plan for this chapter? The next?
  • What does “happily ever after…” look like to YOU?
  • What actions do you need to take now to be LIVING, or moving toward, your “happily ever after…”?

In recognition of International Coaching Week, an annual International Coach Federation (ICF) celebration February 5-11, 2012…

During the month of February, I am offering a private, 45 minute call to individuals ready to explore:

What’s Next For Me?

Keeping with the spirit of this event, there will be no fee and no ongoing commitment required. All I ask is that you come to the call ready to dig deep, discover what’s next, and prepare to take steps to move you forward!

Are you interested? Simply contact me to schedule your call!

In your message please list a choice of three possible dates & times for scheduling your call. I’ll do my best to accommodate your request and will send you a confirmation email with the telephone number to call.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Sunday was a BEAUTIFUL day for the half-marathon race in Philadelphia. No, I wasn’t running the race, however I was privileged to be cheering loved ones as they ran the 13.1 mile course. Over 20,000 people participated and the air was alive with excitement as wave after wave of runners zipped by the start line. Some spectators were standing quietly, trying desperately to find THEIR runners to cheer along–a nearly impossible task with the sea of faces in front of us. When I moved to my last viewing spot at the 12+ mile mark to give a final cheer to boost my dear ones to the finish line, I heard a loud cow bell ringing up in front of me. There stood a small group of people, ringing, shouting and encouraging ALL the runners as they ran their last mile. Wow–how wonderful was THAT? So, instead of simply waiting for MY runners to go by, I began clapping and loudly cheering for EVERYONE as they passed the 12+ mile mark. You should have seen the runners’ responses! Smiles, renewed vigor, thank you’s, high fives, fist pumps, laughter…the surge of positive energy was contagious. It was amazing how the SIMPLE act of smiling, clapping and encouraging hundreds of total strangers had made a difference–to them, and to me. The incredible bonus was that it felt as good to give encouragement as it was for the runners to receive it. It costs nothing to give someone the gift of a few words of encouragement, added fuel to move them down their chosen path.

So today, with that in mind… What will you do with your next opportunity to encourage someone–either a loved one or even a stranger? Will you take a chance to speak up and cheer someone forward on their path? I ENCOURAGE you to look and listen for opportunities to encourage the people you encounter–and if possible, do it each and every day. I believe it will change the way you look at the people and the world around you–and you’ll begin to see possibilities EVERYWHERE!

Change in the air

Seemingly overnight, it feels like fall has arrived. There is a clean, crisp, cool quality to the air. Yesterday, as I walked through the streets of Philadelphia, my ears were invigorated by the loud, midday sounds of the city. I was on my way to a different part of town and there were far more sirens, alarms, horns, cars rushing by, and trucks backing up – beep, beep, beep…

The further I walked from home the sharper the sounds became. By far, the most startling things I heard yesterday were the words coming from people around me. Harsh, angry shouting, impatient, vulgar words came streaming into my ears. I passed people on the sidewalk, on street corners, in taxis, cars and on bicycles and I could FEEL their frustration, their anger. The air was suddenly different…hot, not in temperature but in angry intensity. It would have been easy to absorb that negative energy and pass it along. But I wanted to calm the words–I wanted to change the mood. To ward off the wave of discontent around me, I made a choice to breathe more deeply. I made a choice to be patient, polite and show a peaceful face to people on the street. When speaking with a sales associate in a store along the way, I smiled and thanked her for her help. I held doors open for people and let others go first.

My simple mission during my walk home was to change the air around me. Not the air that we breathe, but rather to change an angry torrent of words into a breeze of peace and kindness.

How does your business earn raving fans?

Just this past week I was reminded of how important it is to know what our clients value most and to be truly great at delivering that service or product.  In the course of a normal day Continue reading

Living courageously ~ quotes

Whatever you do
You need courage
Whatever course you decide upon
There is always someone
To tell you that you are wrong
There are always difficulties arising
That tempt you to believe your critics are right
To map out a course of action
And follow it to an end
Requires some of the same courage
That a soldier needs
Peace has its victories
But it takes brave men and women to win them.

Ralph Waldo Emerson


The most glorious moments
In your life
Are not the so-called days of success
But rather those days
When out of dejection
And despair
You feel rise in you a challenge to life
And the promise
Of future accomplishments

Gustave Flaubert


It takes courage to take action

Yesterday in Pennsylvania, Punxsutawney Phil – Seer of Seers, Prognosticator of all Prognosticators – indeed saw his shadow, so I guess winter isn’t over yet!  Continue reading